How To Plan A Garden Summer Tea Party


As summer draws near, it's time to indulge in one of the season's most delightful traditions: the garden summer tea party. If you're looking to host your own whimsical tea party, then keep on reading. We've curated a guide to ensure your garden tea party is nothing short of perfection.

1. The Event

First and foremost, mark your calendar and set a date that promises sunny weather and a time that suits both you and your guests. The backdrop for your tea party could be your backyard, a local park, or a friend's garden.

2. Tea (the most important part)

Elevate your guests' taste buds with a carefully curated assortment of teas. From the timeless classics like Earl Grey and English Breakfast to the soothing embrace of herbal infusions like Green Tea, enchanting Blooming Tea, or, our latest arrival, the refreshing Cold Brew Tea selection.

3. Teaware

Presentation is key when it comes to the art of tea. Enhance the drinking experience with teapots and teacups that add a touch of elegance for your get together. Consider the understated charm of Glass Teapots and Teacups for a simple yet sophisticated touch, or, a Cast Iron Teapot for a bolder statement.

4. The Food

No garden tea party is complete without a delectable spread! Treat your guests to an assortment of finger sandwiches, warm scones adorned with clotted cream and jam, and an array of delicate cakes and pastries. 

5. The Decor

Infuse your garden with a dash of charm and whimsy through thoughtfully chosen décor. Adorn your table with freshly picked flowers from your garden, with a simple yet elegant tablecloth. Embrace the beauty of paper decorations like fans and garlands to add a playful touch to your outdoor soiree.

With these essentials you're well on your way to hosting the ultimate summer garden tea party. So, brush up on your tea brewing skills, and prepare to plan a wonderful party. Cheers!

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