Traditional tea goes off the boil as Britain opts to get fruity

For anyone who’s ever passed a construction site it’s probable that along with the stereotypical wolf whistles and high vis jackets, you’ll have encountered the familiar scene of a builder’s tea break - and let’s be honest, it’s a far cry from the image portrayed in Diet Coke adverts…

However, if recent reports are to be believed, this may be set to change, as tea drinkers are apparently now turning their backs on the traditional ‘builder’s brew’ in favour of more exotic, and ultimately healthier blends.

Frequently described as ‘comfort in a cup’, the traditional English cuppa has long been regarded as a common fixture in the daily routines of many. However, a recent report by The Grocer has revealed that, with the exception of Yorkshire Tea, sales of traditional tea have remained static over the past year, whilst those of fruit and herbal varieties are, by contrast, steaming ahead…

And according to Charbrew founder Adam Soliman, don’t be surprised if this is reflected in the contents of cups on construction sites,
 “Men no longer feel emasculated from clutching a cup of camomile. Plenty of Sports stars’ social media sites are abundant with images of fruit and herbal teas that they’re keen to advocate - Matcha being the most recent favorite.“

“The term ‘Builder’s brew’ may have been coined on the construction sites, but these latest reports show that even amongst its biggest advocates, traditional tea is going off the boil... Fruit and herbal tea has developed an increasingly cool image and we’ve seen a reflection of this in our sales.”

This is a view supported by builder Tom Robson, 25, “I try to avoid caffeine where possible so I’ve been drinking fruit and herbal teas for a while. I’ve had years of abuse from the boys for my flask full of green tea – but over the past year or so more and more of them have gone from having ‘a quick sip’ to bringing in boxes of their own. “
With tea drinkers becoming ever more adventurous in their choices, here at Charbrew we’re constantly looking for new and exciting varieties to add to our range. Recent additions include everything from the exotic Pineapple and Vanilla, to the delicious Chocolate Orange Rooibos – all of which are organic and naturally caffeine free.

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