Plan Your Day With Charbrew Tea

Fighting those the back to work blues after a recent summer holiday? Why not plan your day with some small treats to get you our of bed and through the day with Charbrew.



Ever felt lethargic first thing in the morning and just wanted to stay in bed? We certainly have, but we have also found that a nice cup of tea does help to pick you up for the day ahead. Some of our favourite Morning teas are: Charbrew Breakfast Tea is made with full bodied blend of Ceylon that really hit the spot first thing in the morning or go a little bit exotic with our Black tea with Sunflower Blossoms, a caffinated tea mixed with apple piece, orange peels, pineapple, sunflower blossoms and coconut rasps to give a gentle sweet lemon taste.



A critical part of the day: how to keep going till lunch! You need to take a break. Put some fresh water into your kettle and prepare your Charbrew tea. Which one you might say? Well we would recommend: Charbrew's green tea is one of our masterpieces, carefully picked green leaves are steamed immediately after plucking to produce a light subtle infusion with a delicate fragrance. Ideal for a pre-detox before lunch or how about our zingy Pineapple & Vanilla a taste of the exotic with made with real pieces of fruit and naturally caffeine free a perfect way to start your summer detox.


Earl Grey: a classic afternoon beverage. In Charbrew’s Earl Grey you can really taste the zesty bergamot Orange the Champagne of teas! For a light and refreshing tea try our Strawberry blends: Strawberry & Cream and Strawberry & Kiwi or for those craving something sweet and indulgent without the guilt Charbrew’s Chocolate & Orange is the perfect blends – All Naturally caffeine free too!


Charbrew’s Camomile, Peppermint and Tropical Rooibos are the perfect bedtime drinks, Brew and drink them about an hour before bed, they are all completely caffeine-free and help you unwind and soothe into a restful night!


By Rebecca

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