The Secret To Eternal Beauty? We’ve Got It In The Bag…

According to a survey released last month by high street beauty giant Superdrug, the average UK woman will spend more than £18,000 on beauty products for her face during her adult lifetime, with moisturiser alone likely to leave an £8000 hole in your retirement fund...
But what if we told you that our own research has shown that when looking to boost your looks, you need to look no further than the contents of your cup?
The long-term benefits of both traditional and green tea have long been recognised, however did you know that drinking it isn’t the only way to get them?
Here 5 Charbrew customers reveal the top secret ways to get a little more beauty from your bag…

Banish your under eye bags

“I use my old tea bags to banish bags of a different kind – those dreaded under eye circles! After I’m finished making our evening brews, I’ll pop the bags in the fridge to cool. Then in the morning I’ll pull them out and place them under my eyes for 10 or so minutes. My husband laughs at me, but I’ve spent hundreds on eye creams in the past and this honestly has a much more noticeable effect!”
Claire, 41, from Edinburgh


But does it work?

Traditional black tea contains caffeine, which can assist in shrinking blood vessels under the eyes, and enables you to bid farewell to puffiness and those dreaded dark circles.

Give a little bounce to your bonce

Many of my clients suffer from really dry and brittle hair as a result of years of bleaching and colouring, and I always recommended that they try soaking their hair in cold tea prior to washing, which often results in them looking at me like I’m crazy... However, they always come back shocked at how much stronger and shinier their hair is after having worked it into their hair care routines. Green tea is great for hair too – I’ve found that massaging cool green tea into hair prior to washing is a great way to stimulate hair growth.”
Emily, 37, a hair stylist from Manchester


But does it work?
Both green tea and traditional tea are rich in antioxidants, whilst the latter is also a natural source of caffeine. These ingredients enable hair to become stronger through increasing its strength and elasticity, resulting in reduced breakage. An antioxidant found in green tea, epifallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has also been shown to prevent the production of molecules that lead to hair loss, and has proven to be an effective hair growth stimulant in numerous research studies.
Bid farewell to foul smelling feet
“In the Summer months in particular, it’s just too hot to be wearing tights or socks. Like most Londoners, I spend the majority of my day speed walking from place to place, so I used to be quite conscious of the fact that my feet smell less than fresh at times… my friend said she’d heard that wiping feet with old tea bags would help eliminate any odours so I gave it a go, and it really does work. Now I can sit with my shoes off under my desk without worrying that I’ll cause any offence in the office…”
Amelia, 33, from London


But does it work?
The ingredients in tea close the pours in the feet, whilst its antibacterial qualities eliminate any foot sweat, resulting in any unpleasant odours being stopped in their tracks.

Freshen up your face
“A beauty therapist once told me that spraying green tea on the face is a great way to get a quick beauty boost, so I started spraying my face every morning and it’s made a massive difference to the texture of my skin. I used to spend so much money on face creams, night creams, illuminating foundations… but simply spraying my face with green tea has given me a better glow than any of those combined!”
Stephanie, 29, from Belfast



But does it work?
The antioxidants in green tea help remove impurities in the skin, which can result in giving your skin a great natural glow.
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