In 2009 two separate companies were set up, Charbrew – a fresh and funky tea company selling specialised and unique tea blends, and Frae Frozon Yoghuty a brand offering real, farm made frozen yogurt as a guilt free indulgence.

Both companies have the same aspirations, to create a product that is high in quality but also new and original to the mass market. Both young companies have been successful to date with Charbrew managing to break into retail giants SAINSBURY’S and Booths as well as a recent launch on Ocado and Frae  having expanded into seven stores as well as being named the official frozen yogurt partner for London Fashion Weekend.

Both companies were set up at a time of economic difficulties. Adam Soliman, 24 , Director of Charbrew, started Charbrew after graduating in Accounting and Finance. He decided to start the business in response to the limited job opportunities in midst of the recession. Meanwhile Martyn Pollock ,30, and Donald Murray ,25, started FRAE after deciding to leave their jobs as city Lawyers.

These exciting the companies have now decided to collaborate and launch Charbrew in Frae stores across London! This means that customers not only have an opportunity to indulge in guilt free frozen yogurt made to the highest standard but also can try the exquisite and unique blends of Charbrew.

This is yet another step made by Charbrew in becoming a household name in the world of luxury tea, offering blends such as Black Tea and Sunflower Blossoms as well as the established and highly popular Strawberry and Cream  and of course the Traditiona English Breakfast  blend.

The entrepreneur’s stories are a shining example that the UK is slowly but surely on the road to recovery.



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