Charbrew survey reveals Brits are waking up to speciality teas

Here at Charbrew we’ve noticed a significant increase in sales of our specialist range of fruit and herbal tea varieties in recent months.

We became curious as to what might be generating these sales, so we decided to sample our customer to find out more (in return for a free sample of one of our latest specialist teas!)

One of the main drivers for the growth in sales appears to be down to a tendency for people to drink alternatives to black tea in similar daily quantities to that of the traditional cuppa. Nearly half (41%) of the people we asked drink up to 3 cups of herbal or fruit based teas every day.

This gives substance to the notion that people are still drinking the same quantities of tea but are adding variety to their tea-drinking regime, with more and more people adding specialist teas to their daily routine.

This trend can be partially put down to the fact that us Brits do like to over-indulge at times in other food and drink and as a consequence, 42% of our respondents said that they like to drink herbal and fruit teas to help with a detox.

We also found that although the majority of tea drinkers still prefer a traditional British cuppa, a significant 20% actually have a preference for herbal or fruit teas – adding weight to our suspicions that tea drinkers palettes are evolving.  


Of the entire sample of people surveyed 38% added that they like to drink herbal and fruit varieties because of the importance they place on health and wellbeing.

We’ve always prided ourselves on our intention to present our tea products in simple but attractive packaging, but it was interesting  to learn that 66% of people are less bothered by fancy packaging and branding, and more interested in the quality of the brew. Over half (53%) of the people questioned demand value for money when it comes to premium teas with over half of our customers preferring to pay the lowest price point offered (£3.49).
The survey also established that Charbrew customers are keen to try some of our more exotic novelty teas (Novelteas?).  Chocolate Orange and Strawberry & Cream flavoured tea are the most popular sounding options with over a third of those questioned finding such flavours attractive propositions. People also expressed an interest in trying a blend of Apple pieces, Cinammon, Pineapple and Popcorn (29%), Tropical Rooibos (26%) and Black Tea Sunflower Blossoms (18%).

People’s perceptions of how the tea industry markets itself proved interesting. A split right down the middle with half of all respondents thinking that the tea industry is geared to towards older people and the other half in disagreement.

Interestingly, over two thirds of these people did think that a tea range aimed specifically at younger people would be a good idea. An even higher percentage of people (67%) think that a tea room concept would compete with the high street coffee shop chains.

Article by Charbrew tea 
Information based on survey to 2000 people commissioned by Charbrew 

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