1.     The Oxford Tea Appreciation Society (OTAS) has been newly founded this year to bring together tea enthusiasts in and around the University of Oxford. The idea is to meet once a week, each meeting having a theme, to try different teas and maybe have a slice or two of cake.
There’s not normally much going on at the weekend in Oxford. Students take the opportunity to get started on the next assignment, catch up with friends or just recover from the night before, whether they’ve been out on the town or pulling an all-nighter in the library. Usually meeting on a Sunday afternoon, OTAS offers the perfect opportunity to meet, talk and relax over a delicious cup of tea.

On Sunday 3
rd February 2013 we had a special “Charbrew” meet, to taste and compare all (well, some, there’s too many to fit into 2 small hours!) that Charbrew has to offer. We had 8 of their delicious teas to sample:

Earl Grey
English Breakfast

Tropical Rooibos
Strawberries and Cream
We met in the Old Law Library in Magdalen College, a really gorgeous room, with an enormous fireplace and wood-panelled walls. The room is also dotted with a couple of whiteboards, which show the evidence of the week’s tutorials. Its centrepiece is a large table around which we congregate for our tastings.

The first thing our members noticed (and liked) was the whole tea leaves inside the Charbrew teabags. Most of our members prefer leaves to bags, but we found this makes a nice compromise.
Our society owns its own set of pretty vintage teapots, so we started the first 4 teas brewing and let people delve in where they fancied.
There were two home-baked cakes on offer, to which people could help themselves: a traditional Victoria sponge and a maple-banana loaf. Needless to say, both went down very well.

Talk always begins with the tea, and then wends its way on to other topics. And before you know it, we were on to the last 4 teas.

Our members provided feedback on the favourites, and so I’m happy to announce, the winner is…
It’s a tie!! The 
peppermint and the tropical rooibos share the honour of being Oxford Tea Appreciation Society’s favourite tea.

Guest Blogger - Amy Collins - Oxford Tea Appreciation Society.

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