Tea Reviews

Reviewer: Karen Lancaster from Chester   
Absolutely love this tea. Being pregnant I am only drinking non caffeine tea. Strawberry and cream is fantastic. Its great hot or cold and a really refreshing. We recently had a Jubilee Garden Party and made a pitcher of this iced with some fruit and sugar and everyone loved it!

Reviewer: Adele Carter (twitter @delcarter) from Tyne & Wear, England   

This is the first flavour I bought and tried from the Charbrew range and was pleasantly surprised with its exceedly strong and dynamic flavour. Like having a scone in liquid form!

Reviewer: Rosie from Aberdeen   

WOW CHARBREW -I though this tea would be too sweet but after trying at a friends house I am addicted. the tea tastes subtler and fruitful - LOVE IT

Reviewer: William Holloway from London   

After receiving a early morning delivery of this on a wet Monday morning, I was very uplifted by the tea a very fragrant and crisp tea, quite a unique breakfast blend - I will be buying again.- William

Reviewer: Adele Carter (twitter @delcarter) from Tyne & Wear, England   

I have had Rooibos tea before so I assumed I knew what was coming but the flavours from this tea is so tasty but I was tempted to make the tea like it is normally made in Africa; just like our tea; with milk and sugar. But I felt it would spoil the natural tastes that come with the spices and fruits. Only suggestion would be to add a little sugar to help the fruits "blossom" more within the flavour

Reviewer: Bahareh Tabatabaei from London   

This is the most refreshing peppermint tea that I have ever tried!!

Reviewer: Gareth Glynn Jones from Southport   

Wow! one of the most delicate green teas I have ever taste, very low astringecy and a nice light delicate cup, like a japanses green fantastic!!

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