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Alice In Wonderland Tea Book Gift - 64 Individually Wrapped Teabags

Alice In Wonderland Tea Book Gift - 64 Individually Wrapped Teabags

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At Charbrew, we're slightly eccentric about creating fantastic products. Jetting around, we find products from far reaches of the world to bring direct to your home - our range of gift sets is no exception to this rule! We gave ourselves the objective of providing the most rounded and complete tea experience. Introducing our Alice In Wonderland collection.

Ingredients: English Breakfast - Black Tea (100%) Afternoon Tea - Black Tea (100%) Earl Grey - Black Tea (98.5%), Bergamot Flavour (1.5%) Chai Tea - Black Tea (43%) Ginger Pieces (25%) Cinnamon Pieces (20%), Cardamom Pieces (12%).

Design: The Tea Book contains 64 teabags of premium tea, individually wrapped in beautiful envelopes. The Tea Book itself contains themes of Alice In Wonderland, from a short passage to the beautifully hand-drawn images of different characters from the book.

Includes: This Alice In Wonderland Tea Book includes a variety of 4 classic teas: Afternoon Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Chai. They will be a guaranteed hit for the tea lover or casual tea drinker! This set provides a balanced range of teas to fit any occasion, from Monday mornings to cosy Sunday afternoons.

No Artificial Colours: Made with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, Charbrew’s signature blends are carefully sourced and evenly balanced

Brewing: Infuse a teabag in 100ml of freshly boiled water for 2-3 minutes. Discard the teabag. Top with steamed milk and serve immediately. Add sweetener to taste.

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