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Charbrew Tea

Pour Over Coffee Brewer 600ml

Pour Over Coffee Brewer 600ml

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At Charbrew, we're slightly eccentric about creating fantastic tasting teas. Jetting around the world with our trusty travel kettles, we find and use only the best natural ingredients to bring you healthy treats for your taste buds. To accompany our ever growing range of teas and coffees, we have sourced the finest teaware to enhance your daily tea and coffee ritual. Our expertly crafted glass teapots and tea cups are a new addition to our range keeping your special drinks warm whilst creating an enjoyable visual experience. Charbrew’s Coffee Brewer unlocks the full potential of coffee. You have full control and can enjoy the coffee making process from the beginning until you enjoy that first cup. 

  • Durability: Our coffee brewer is made from lead free and food grade materials which makes it very durable and able to withstand various temperatures. 

  • Design: With its sleek and clear design, its a must have in your kitchen and on the table. Enjoy pouring your own coffee for you and your family and friends. 

  • Quantity: The coffee brewer allows you to brew up to 600ml of coffee or 4.5 cups.

  • Spill Free: No filter needed and the pourer is spill free!

  • Cleaning: The coffee brewer is dishwasher safe but can also be cleaned with warm, soapy water. It can then be left to air dry or pat dry. Suitable for dishwasher and hand wash.

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